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When Care Zone – a charity set up to provide furniture and clothing for those in need around the city of Peterborough – approached us to design a brand, we got a little excited. You see, our philosophy isn’t to ‘just’ create a brand. Our philosophy is to think ‘how can we create a brand which works harder and not only represents the product, but is the product?’.

The brief was to incorporate the fact that the charity is ran in association with KingsGate Community Church and is to be used to increase awareness about what they can offer potential clients who may need to use the service.

After much thought, creativity and cups of tea, we settled on the tag logo idea.

The idea behind the tag is to attach it to all of the items that Care Zone will donate. The tags will have information about various groups or resources which may be applicable to the demographic of the person it’s being delivered to. For example, if the item being delivered was a cot, the tag would contain information about free childcare or parent and toddler mornings available at KingsGate Community Church. The tag also appears on the delivery vehicles livery, as signage around the charities warehouse and on all promotional literature.