We like to think of ourselves as a design collective. Rather than your usual top-down agency with large overheads and employees, Creative Edge work as a bunch of freelancers at the top of their game. Our collective includes Marketing bods, web and print creatives, super-slick programmers, snap-happy photographers and word-perfect copy writers.

What We Do.

Well, pretty much everything and anything. We problem solve. We get into the mindset of our target market. We innovate. We create.

Brand Development

Branding and Brand Development.

Branding is far more than just a logo or a rigid set of guidelines. It’s about making your customers feel good and confident about your product. It’s about the tone of voice and choosing the right colour palate. It’s about the style of imagery you use, even down to what coffee cups you drink out of.

Results Driven Marketing

Results Driven Marketing.

We don’t just talk the talk we walk the walk. We’ll get under the skin of your business and what it is that you want to achieve. Then we’ll plan the most cost effective way of getting you measurable results. Whether it’s email marketing, print ads, direct mail or something completely new - we have it covered.

User Experience

User Focused Websites and Mobile Apps.

User experience is key when it comes to web applications. Before we begin with the design of a website, we work out what the key objectives of your website are. Once that’s established we work out the best and easiest way for your customers to find what they’re looking for and implement the simplest and most elegant interface.

Responsive Build

Lightweight Mobile First Websites.

Fast download speeds are essential for mobile devices. Many websites are built with ’desktop first’ then reduced to fit a mobile screen, meaning you are downloading data you don’t need. We build our websites ’mobile first’, which means all information for a mobile website is downloaded first, only downloading the desktop version if needed.

Freelance Services

Freelance Services.

We offer a wide range of on or off site freelance solutions, from graphic design to programming, marketing to copywriting. So, if you’re looking for a freelancer get in touch.